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Franklin Imaging implements personalized, in-house print and mail centers so you can use the latest technologies without the hassle of upfront capital costs. We supply equipment, service, software, support, training, and personnel.

Our expertise will enable you to maximize the productivity of your staff and concentrate on your core business practices. Franklin Imaging provides superior support to each and every client, regardless of their size.

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Fortune 500 Case Study
Why Franklin Imaging
  • Minissa Bowers

    American Electric Power
    Supervisor, Workplace Programs


    "As Supervisor of Workplace Programs, I have been responsible for procuring and overseeing the contract for print and mail services at our headquarters here in Columbus. We first awarded the contract to Franklin Imaging in 2005 and have continued to work with them for two significant reasons, partnership and flexibility. Having easy access to the primary decision maker allows AEP flexibility in both pricing and process. We have never had an issue with inflated or misrepresented costs, in fact, often the opposite is true."

    "In addition, AEP appreciates Franklin Imaging being proactive and offering us ways to cut expenses and bring better value to our print program."

    "While this is a broad overview, there are countless and specific ways Franklin Imaging has been a great partner to AEP. I would be happy to discuss in detail if you would like additional information."

    "We’ve had the pleasure of working with Franklin Imaging for over 15 years and value the partnership they provide to us. They excel in customer service and building a finely tuned, productive and rewarding relationship."

    "We have used Franklin for a wide array of services including large format printing and distribution, project management through web based systems, signage, and scanning projects."

    "We definitely appreciate their attention to detail, the ease of communication and the rate at which they complete projects quickly and efficiently."

    "Should you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Todd Alexander, Principal."

    Kim Welty

    Continental Building Systems
    Pre-construction, Marketing & Charity Coordinator


    Jim Davidson

    Smoot Construction
    Documents Control Manager


    "Franklin Imaging provided drawings, specifications and shop drawing reproduction on the $400 million Columbus Hollywood Casino project. The project had over 1700 construction drawings, 5 volumes of specifications and several hundred sets of shop drawings and permit drawings. Franklin was responsible for distributing all of the bid documents during the pre-construction phase, and kept very good records of the subcontractors that received the bid documents of over 30 different bid packages."

    "During the construction phase, Franklin provided timely reproduction of multiple addendum sets of drawings. Several times they worked weekends to be sure the documents were available for delivery on Monday. They also provided a great FTP site to upload shop drawings, coordination documents and other documents that were required to keep the project on schedule. We worked very closely with Franklin to keep conformed sets of drawings available to the contractors in electronic format (PDF and TIF)."

    "For the closeout phase, Franklin again helped with the conformed drawings that subcontractors will need for as-built documents. I look forward to using Franklin Imaging on the next large project we are awarded."

  • 2015 Fortune 500 Case Study on Franklin Imaging
    Fortune 500 Logo

    40% reduction in overall mail and print services cost after sourcing to Franklin Imaging

    4 million small-format impressions produced, finished, and distributed with less than .5% error rate

    120,000 miles driven annually

    30,000 pounds of mail sorted and distributed annually

    5,000 parcels sorted and distributed annually

  • Why Choose Us?

    Why Franklin Imaging

    Direct access to decision makers

    Flexible, responsive, and able to quickly adapt to your business

    Family-owned and headquartered in Columbus

    Local production facility for overflow and disaster recovery operations

    Trained staff on hand to backfill time off and augment on-site capacity

    Our ReproMAX partnership allows us to service accounts in every major market in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.


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